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The Sabatti Canardier is a side-by-side waterfowling shotgun, perfect for traditional duck and goose hunting trips.

Both barrels are manufactured out of special steel and are lapped and chrome-lined to provide constantly optimal performance even with steel shots. The raised sighting rib dubs as an interface for magnified or red dot optical sights.

The powerful Sabatti Canardier side-by-side shotgun comes with a set of manual extractors and 81 cm / 32” barrels are equipped with a Multichoke interchangeable choke system for long and very long-range shots.

The enhanced lock is manufactured out of a single forged block of high-strength steel, on a typical Boxlock design with a perfected Anson Deeley locking system.

The robust walnut stock integrates a lead insert to improve balance and for better recoil absorption – to which the rubberized buttpad also contributes. All wooden parts are checkered and oil-finished by hand.

The Sabatti Canardier features a double trigger system, but works as a single-trigger firearm: pulling the front trigger, both barrels will fire at the same time, while pulling the rear trigger first, the two barrels will be discharged separately.