Pedersoli: Side by Side Shotgun “La Bohémienne”
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Pedersoli: Side by Side Shotgun “La Bohémienne”


Barrel Length: 710mm (28″)
Overall Length: 1160kg (45 11/16″)
Weight: 3500kg (7.71 lbs)

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The outside hammer design always confers a certain elegance to a hunting shotgun. A classic style that should not be forgotten. This classic side by side shotgun, featuring ease of handling, presents itself as the ideal solution for the hunter fond of elegant guns. The barrels, with interchangeable chokes, are brown matt colour finished; the stock with pistol grip and the forend are chequered for a comfortable and safe grip. The frame is light colour case hardened with nice hand finished engraving. Can be used with steel shot but recommended only with Improved Cyl/Cyl chokes.

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