Sabatti Urban Sniper


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The Sabatti Urban Sniper is a versatile precision rifle designed as a multipurpose tool, capable of getting all your bases covered – from most precision sport shooting to tactical applications on urban terrain.

The three-locking lug steel bolt, with a 60-degrees bolt throw and an interchangeable cocking knob, is fluted for a quick and smooth operation.

The heavy barrel features Sabatti excellent, award-winning MRR multi-radial rifling, as well as an interchangeable muzzle brake.

The Thumbhole-style stock is manufactured out of fiberglass-reinforced Nylon for top-notch rigidity and absorption of vibrations; the design makes it perfect for operating both from a static position or on the move. The stock also features an adjustable cheek riser, a set of factory-issued spacers to extend the length of pull, and both standard and quick-detach sling rings.

The Sabatti Urban Sniper rifle feeds through detachable Accuracy International AICS-compatible magazines and comes from factory with two MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail interfaces – one over the receiver for optics, a shorter one underneath the handguard for a bipod.