Khukuri (Dark) (XL)

Khukuri (Dark) (XL)


900g 55 Rockwell 10 inch blade

Thicker spine and Full tang for greater strength and extra cutting power

Spare mini-knife and sharpener

Indian Rosewood Handle


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The heaviest of all standard Nepalese made Gurkha Khukuris. These handmade blades may look like display pieces, but the curved blade and 55 Rockwell tempered steel edge make them top tier for just about any outdoor activity.

These Khukuri’s were sourced from a supplier of the Nepalese Ghurka units. They feature a 900g, 10 inch blade, Indian Rosewood handle, a spare ‘mini’ knife and sharpener, a thicker spine full tang blade.

Due to their handmade nature, you may notice small discrepancies from Khukuri to Khukuri.