Khukuri Supreme

Khukuri Supreme


This unique new knife has a slight modification to the shape and a differently crafted handle, all this to make this blade a Supreme Jungle knife.

This beautiful crafted blade has a blade that weighs 600 – 650 grams just the blade. The total weight with the scabbard on is 800 grams. The shape is matchless to any other Khukuri blade crafted before. It is not a Siru Shape nor a Chainpure but a distinctive fresh shape. The slimmest part of the blade measure for 1″ and the widest is 1.8″. The spine is 0.9mm. This more tempered black blade with the slope design at the upper spin of the blade makes the blade quicker in use cutting the friction and also can be sharpened to make a double edged blade. Since some countries have banned this so KHT keeps it a single edge knife. The handle of this blade measures 5.5″ long enough to fit all sizes. The grip on this blade also is firm because of this new designed handle and the stylish metal guard adds protection and beauty. The perfect new cutting tool to tuck in your belt if the jungle is going to be your next home.

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These Khukuri’s were sourced from a supplier of the Nepalese Gurka units.

Due to their handmade nature, you may notice small discrepancies from Khukuri to Khukuri.