Velites Level IIIA Soft Amour (set of 2)

Velites Level IIIA Soft Amour (set of 2)


**Plates not as shown, colour is Green

Single Curve
Shooters Cut
Drop Resistant
Stab Resistant
Proudly made in Canada

These plates will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10×12 or a SAPI Medium plates.

Material: UHMWPE

Size: 250x300mm/ 10”x12”

Colour: Green

Unit Weight (aprox) 0.62kg/1.36lbs

Ballistic Level NIJ IIIA

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Our Velites plates are named after a class of light infantry in the Roman legion that focused on skirmishing and disruption of the enemy formations. True to their name, the Velites are lightweight, thin, and flexible, which allows for great mobility in the field.

These plates are composed of UHMWPE fabric and are fully flexible allowing for greater comfort to the wearer in comparison to hard plates. We have enclosed the actual ballistic material in a rip stop ballistic nylon sleeve that is fully sealed to protect the plates from the elements to extend the lifespan of the plates. These plates are multi hit rated and are cut in standard shooters cut.

The Velites plates come in a standard size of 250x300mm which will fit any plate carrier designed for a 10”x12” or a SAPI Medium. We are proud to say that these are made right here in Ontario.

Our Velites Level IIIA plates are rated to stop up to .357 Sig FMJ and .44 Magnum SJHP as well as all intermediary calibres including 9mm and .40S&W putting them at NIJ Level IIIA.