Tactical Evo Chrome – .308 Win
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Tactical Evo Chrome – .308 Win


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The name should not mislead. The Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is not just a restyling operation over the previous Tactical Syn model: despite the appearance, the Tactical EVO is a completely new rifle.

Tipology Manual repetition rifle

.308 Winchester (1:11), 6,5 Creedmoor (1:8),

Action 3 front-lugs bolt with 60° opening

Trigger system 3 lever, match grade

Safety Manual

Capacity 3 rounds, with detachable magazine;

Sight systems None; prepared to accept Picatinny rails for mounting optics

Barrel Standard version: 71 cm / 27.9”, 28 mm at muzzle, cylindrical

Total lenght 114 cm / 44.8”;

Peso (a vuoto) 6,2 kg / 13.7 lbs;

Materials Steel for all metal parts;

Reinforced fiber glass filled Nylon stock

Finishes Black or Chrome matte finish barrels; black with white venations, or desert color stock

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The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is the result of two years of work, and has been designed for all those uses where the need for resistance, durability, reliability and precision are very high.

The receiver is all new. New as well the robust three lugs bolt, with a 60° fast opening angle and a bolt handle knob that can be easily replaced with other models, thanks to a 5/16”screw thread. The quality of the finish of the contact surfaces allows a smooth and silent action operation that has very few comparisons with other realizations available in the market. The rifle also adopts a new 17-4PH steel ejector, granting a secure hold to the case base rim, preventing ruptures even when the case base expands under very high pressures.

But what makes the new Sabatti Tactical EVO different from all other rifles in the market is the way by which the action is coupled to the stock, completely floating over the stock, “suspended” through the use of two supports which eliminate coupling tensions, improving the shooting accuracy.

The one used by the new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is one of the best actions available in the market today.

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is equipped with a cylindrical barrel 28mm in diameter. Also available a Tactical EVO US version for the USA market, with a conical barrel 22mm at the muzzle.

The rifling is the award winning Sabatti “MRR” Multi Radial Rifling, globally well known for the top-grade performances it is able to provide. Nonetheless, in the designing of the new Tactical EVO the rifling twists and the multiradial profile geometry have been further improved, to provide even superior performances.

The barrel muzzle adopts a standard 5/8” screw thread – covered by a screwed-in protective ring – allowing the mounting of compensators or muzzle brakes.

The reinforced fiber glass filled Nylon stock has been modified to house the new, dedicated Tactical EVO action. The stock surface is coated with a special product, which provides an highly impacting visual finish, a better grip and is scratch resistant.

The stock is available in two different colors: black with white venations, for the models “Tactical EVO Black” and “Tactical EVO Chrome”; or sand color, for the model “Tactical EVO Desert”. The finishes are the same also for the Tactical EVO US model, which insetad adopts a very resistant special technopolymer stock, yet lighter, and is equipped with Picatinny rails and 4 carrying strap quick releases for dynamic shooting competitions.

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO is a modern rifle, technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing, but first and most of all very accurate: and considering the already high performances that the previous Tactical Syn model has been able to provide on the shooting fields all over the World, being able to reach such new goals has not been an easy task. But for Sabatti, this has been possible.