ST-18 6.5
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ST-18 6.5


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Tipology Bolt-action rifle
.308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm (1:11”)
Action TLD action – three front-locking lugs with 60° opening angle
Trigger system Match grade
Safety Manual safety
AICS compatible detachable magazines
Sight systems MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for optics
Barrel 22”, 22 mm muzzle diameter, with MRR rifling
Materials Steel barrel, receiver, and action; reinforced polymer stock and pistol grip; lightweight
aluminum alloy chassis
Finishes Full black finish on all surfaces

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The Sabatti ST 18 is a reliable and versatile bolt-action precision rifle conceived to offer both accuracy and easy handling and transport in a multipurpose platform for sporting, hunting, and tactical or professional applications.

The Sabatti ST 18 bolt-action precision rifle is built around an aluminum chassis, fully CNC-machined out of a single block of ERGAL 55 lightweight alloy to provide high levels of rigidity and stability. The chassis hosts a magazine well compatible with Accuracy International AICS magazines; a machined KEYMOD handguard; and an AR-15 compatible, ergonomic, user-replaceable pistol grip.

The ST 18 rifle comes factory-issued with a side-folding buttstock manufactured out of powdered metal-reinforced, Ryton PPS high strength polymer, offering a fully and easily adjustable cheek riser and four QD sling swivel cups; length of pull can be adjusted through factory-issued spacers, with additional spacers available from Sabatti. The buttstock can be removed from its attachment point to reveal a threaded seat for an M4-compatible buffer tube, making the Sabatti ST 18 rifle compatible with any M4-type stock.

The Sabatti ST 18 rifle comes issued from factory with a 21 oz. Match-grade trigger and a three forward locking lugs action, offering a short, 60-degrees throw and featuring a replaceable knob screwed on to the cocking handle via a standard 5/16” thread. The bolt body is heat-treated, finished and chrome-lined to reach the desired level of thickness, eliminate all roughness on contact surfaces and make it extremely smooth and silent to operate. A freshly conceived 17-4PH extractor provides superior resistance against case rupturing when using high pressure loads.

The bolt of the ST 18 rifle is housed in a heat-treated receiver, fully machined out solid high-strength steel billet and coupled to the chassis via a proprietary two-point interface that leaves the action free to fully float, eliminating any level of coupling tension that may significantly affect accuracy. A 13-slot MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for optics is provided from factory.

The Sabatti ST 18 rifle is now available in three different barrel lengths – 510, 610 or 660 mm, all sporting a cylindrical profile, a 22 mm muzzle diameter, and the proprietary Multi-Radial Rifling (MRR) pattern, a Sabatti exclusive that earned the Company international praise due to its high accuracy, low bullet deformation factor, and ease of cleaning. A 30 mm diameter muzzle brake is installed from factory on a 5/8”x24 muzzle thread and is easily replaced with other muzzle devices such as flash hiders or silencers.