Saphire – Thumbhole Stock – .243 Win
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Saphire – Thumbhole Stock – .243 Win


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Italian style and cutting-edge technology: the SAPHIRE is the first bolt-action hunting rifle to come with

Sabatti highly regarded MRR barrels, as well as with an innovative interchangeable caliber system

Tipology Bolt-action rifle

Calibers and rifling twists

Group A

.243 Win (1:10”), 6.5 Creedmoor (1:8”), .308 Win, (1:11”)

Group B

.270 Win (1:10”), 6,5×55 SE (1:8”), 7x57mm (1:8/¼”), 7x64mm (1:8/¼”),

.30-06 Spr (1:11”), 8×57 JS (1:9/¼”)

Group C

7mm Rem Mag (1:8/¼”), .300 Win Mag (1:11/½”)

Action Saphire action with three front locking lugs and floating bolt head

Trigger system Standard trigger, three-lever Match trigger and Stecher available on request

Safety Two-positions manual safety

Capacity 3 rounds in detachable magazine

MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny interfaces for optic mounts machined on receiver

Barrel 610 mm / 24” or 650 mm / 25.5”, 15 mm diameter at the muzzle, with Sabatti MRR rifling

Total lenght 114 cm / 44.9” or 118 cm / 47.5”

3,3 kg / 7.3 lbs

Materials Steel bolt and barrel; high-strength aluminum alloy receiver; walnut or

reinforced polymer stock

Finishes Matte black finish on all metal surfaces; black polymer stock

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The Sabatti SAPHIRE (Sabatti All Purpose Hunting Italian Rifle) marks a decisive evolution in the field of bolt-action hunting rifles: not only it was the first Sabatti hunting rifle to feature the Company’s own, innovative MRR multi-radial rifled barrels, but also the first to offer the cutting-edge Saphire action and a modular system that allows the users to switch between different popular hunting calibers.

At the heart of the Sabatti SAPHIRE bolt-action rifle is a high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy receiver CNC-machined from solid billet, hosting a three-parts bolt with a floating head and three front locking lugs that will provide a positive and secure locking in all conditions. The three components of the bolt – head, body and handle – are all manufactured out of different types of steel and undergo different heat treatments to ensure just the right level of strength required for the specific part.

Two short MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rails are machined on top of the receiver on the Sabatti SAPHIRE rifle, to facilitate zeroing and to make the action even more rigid. The Sabatti SAPHIRE also comes issued with a quick-alignment rear sight that is adjustable for windage and a front post sight adjustable for elevation.

The SAPHIRE rifle comes in either a selected walnut stock or in two different types of reinforced black polymer stocks – a standard grip model and a Thumbhole model. All SAPHIRE rifles come with a cold-hammer forged, AISI 4140 (42CrMo4) steel barrel with a threaded 15 mm diameter muzzle that will accept flash hiders, muzzle brakes, or silencers. The barrel extension is manufactured out of NiCrMo steel and is heat treated to considerably improve strength both on the outer surfaces and on the structure of the component itself.

The SAPHIRE was the first bolt-action hunting rifle to come with Sabatti’s own, proprietary Multi-Radial Rifling (MRR) pattern, a Sabatti exclusive that earned the Company international praise due to its high accuracy, low bullet deformation factor, and ease of cleaning. The rifle can be easily converted to any of the available calibers by changing the barrel through the use of dedicated tools; spare barrels are sold separately. The calibers available for the Sabatti SAPHIRE bolt-action rifle are split in three groups; in order to shift between caliber groups, the SAPHIRE rifle will also require the replacement of the magazine, magazine well, and bolt head.

The SAPHIRE rifle comes issued from factory with a standard 1,2 kilograms / 2.44 lbs trigger; a three-lever 450 gr / 1 lb Match trigger or a Stecher, bringing down the overall trigger weight to 250 grams (8.81 oz) are available upon request.