Recover Tactical 20/20 Stabilizer Kit Combo for Glock – BLK

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20/20MG kit includes: Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles (low/high profile), Minimalist Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 Holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/20 stabilizer brace), MG9 Angled Mag Pouch For Glock Magazines

Ready for use out of the box, simple installation
Lightweight and compact
No pistol disassembly or permanent modifications required
G17 GEN3 , G17 GEN4, G17 GEN4, G17 GEN4 MOS, G17 GEN5, G17 GEN5 MOS, G17L, G17P, G17T, G19 GEN3,G19 GEN4, G19 GEN4 MOS, G19 GEN5, G19 GEN5 MOS, G19X, G19T, G22 GEN3, G22 GEN4, G22P, G23 GEN3, G23 GEN4, G23P, G24, G31 GEN3, G31 GEN4, G31 GEN3, G31 GEN4, G34 GEN3, G34 GEN4, G34 GEN4 MOS, G34 GEN5, G34 GEN5 MOS, G35 GEN3, G35 GEN4, G35 GEN4 MOS, G45, G45 MOS

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