Primary Arms SLx 1-10x28mm SFP Rifle Scope – Illuminated ACSS Griffin M10S Reticle

The ACSS Griffin MIL M10-S is an all-new SFP reticle that is purpose-made for optics with a 1-10x magnification range. In close quarters, the ACSS Griffin MIL M10-S offers a bold horseshoe with a chevron tip. For long-range precision, users can leverage the full functionality of their ACSS reticle. The ACSS Griffin MIL M10-S integrates an intuitive MIL grid and both vertical and horizontal ranging stadia for quick range estimation and target engagement.

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The Primary Arms SLx 1-10×28 Rifle Scope takes what is popular about low power variable optics and steps it up a notch to a larger magnification range without making sacrifices common with more traditional 10x optics. Our first true 1-10x LPVO boasts a generous 3.2 – 3.5 inches of eye relief allowing you to easily set this scope up on your rifle of choice and still features a great field of view throughout the magnification range. With the addition of an integrated magnification lever, you can quickly and easily go from a true 1x sight picture all the way up to 10x magnification for those longer distance precision shots or simply for better target identification. This is truly a versatile optic that can do it all from close quarters to long range while still only weighing 19.1 ounces at 10.5 inches long