Pedersoli: Derringer Guardian Pearl grip


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Pedersoli Derringer Guardian #11 Pearl Percussion model (No Permit Required)
(Uses a #11 Percussion cap as propellant)

4.5mm BB or Pellet
In the second half of the 1800 there was a great diffusion of small pistols, known as “derringer” since the appearance of the muzzle loading models. Some were made to fire metallic cartridges, most were given strange names to impress customers; all were low cost with a simple mechanism like the barrel’s length from 3 to 5 inches hinged to the frame or the removable nipple breech to load it. The grip was usually of the “birds beak” type and the trigger of a “spur” type. Some models were based on Joseph Rider’s idea and on the Remington “Parlor Pistol” (1860), produced in the .177 (4.5 mm) calibre and used for pickling and for indoor shooting. Pedersoli Derringer Guardian reproduces one of these models and its design reminds the famous “X Pert Single Shot” produced by Hopkins & Allen in the 1870 or the several European models also known as the “System Flobert Single Shot”.

Pedersoli: Derringer Guardian Pearl grip