NcStar: Gunsmith Apron – Tan


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• The Gunsmith Apron is a doubled layered apron that helps protect the user’s clothing from getting soiled by oil/grease/dirt.
The front of the apron is Constructed from Heavy Duty PVC Fabric for durability,
and the inside material is made from a lighter and smoother PVC fabric for comfort.
• Adjustable 33” Neck Strap, allows the user to adjust how high/low the apron sits on the body.
• Adjustable Waist with Quick Snap Buckle fits up to 50” waist.
• All Neck and Waist straps are re-enforced and double stitched onto the apron.
• All edge seams are sewn re-enforced with web material.
• Front Panel Size: 30” Tall X 28” Wide
• Weight: 11 oz.