Lee Enfield SMLE Drill Rifle – NON-FIRING

Lee Enfield SMLE Drill Rifle – NON-FIRING


  • No guarantee of condition, generally Fair/Good
  • Stock may have arsenal repairs or small cracks/chips
  • The chamber has been pinned through the receiver ring (a cartridge will not chamber)
  • Deactivated – but not to Canadian spec. These are still legally non-restricted firearms
  • Covered in Cosmoline
  • Deactivation for display use is possible for an additional fee

Drill rifle ONLY

In stock

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These Lee Enfield DP (Drill purpose) rifles are excellent pieces for anyone who has looked for full wood sets for N0.1 Mk.IIIs! These technically are still firearms, but are not safe for shooting (chambers have a cross pin installed through the receiver ring). Otherwise, these are fantastic kits to have for projects like rebuilding sporterized Lee Enfields and more!

DP markings are visible on many parts of these rifles such as the bolt handle, stock, receiver, barrel band etc. Most of these rifles are made by RFI (Ishapore factory, India).

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