Kel-Tec SU22E Rifle 16.00″ Barrel Black 22LR

Kel-Tec SU22E Rifle 16.00″ Barrel Black 22LR


  • .22LR
  • 4lbs 1.8kg
  • 34” 863mm
  • 30.5” 774mm
  • 16.0″
  • 1:16” 1:178mm
  • 6lbs 27N

*Magazine may not be as shown*

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Chambered for the popular and economical .22lr cartridge, the SU22 series is designed for beginners, target shooting, plinking or small game hunting and accepts most AR-22 magazines. Models differ mainly in forend and stock. A standalone firearm and not a conversion, the SU22 series is based on its big brothers, the SU16 series of rifles, and shares many of their characteristics. The SU22 series is an excellent choice for that beginner in your family.

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