Fahrentec FMR335L advanced thermal scope with rangefinder


This ultimate thermal imaging optic is featured as most silent, fast, clear,reliable, strong rifle scope for the darkness.

It is created for multipurpose application, the heavy and reinforced body makes it suitable for all calibers of guns including sniper rifles. Among 8 types of color modes, under any kinds of working condition. Refined program adopts most cutting edge coding technology. You will see difference of heat in the details you never saw from other thermal scopes.

Integrated Rangefinder (1000M), 32Gb memory, Wifi and compass,digital gyro, true milliradian reticle of 7.62mm are standard.  1x-2x-4x digital zoom.

Comes with adjustable QD mount for picatinny rail.
Battery charger included

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  • [Blinkless] Inherited from its predecessor Argus-340, this device is equipped with most leading Blinkless technology. The FMR-335L thermal scope will never give you the calibration noise which could scare your prey.
  • [Quick mount] Special designed beast size mount is included for standard option. It is a quick mount design, lock and release just in one second. Extended length gives more room for sight adjustment.
  • [True milliradian] The FMR335L offers multiple sets of reticles including true milliradian reticle for caliber 7.62mm bullets. The milliradian are all tested by professional in real shots. Fahrentec is continuously developing more true milliradian reticles for other calibers from time to time, all Fahrentec FMR335L thermal device is enabled with remote update by simply putting update file in the folder in memory space, then it will work it out automatically.
  • [Rocker stick only] The whole FMR335L device is controlled by only 1 rocker stick. Unlike the traditional multiple buttons design, this 1 stick for all design is the most suitable solution for durability and protection. Completed sealed for IP67 protection level.
  • [1024X768 HD OLED] FMR335L utilizes a 0.39’ large high definition OLED screen. The exceptional image quality highly improves the user experiences. Also the display modular is designed for -40C temperature adaption.