Battle Born Bio-Synthetic All-In-One Cleaner / Lubricant / Protectant (MIL-PRF-63460F Type B) – 6oz Pump Spray Bottle


  • GUN OIL & CLEANER: Providing superior 2-in-1 cleaning & lubrication, removes carbon build-up, lead deposits, oil, & grime, while penetrating to protect from rust & corrosion. It minimizes friction from metal-to-metal contact.
  • GUN RANGE ACCESSORIES: The All-in-One (CLP) is a convenient addition to your range bag for on-the-go cleaning & helps keep your firearms running smoothly. It acts as a degreaser for removing oil, grease, & carbon build-up in your guns.
  • GUN RUST PROTECTION: We offer small personal-size bottles for easy travel & larger containers for men & women who use their firearms more than average. Our solvent is perfect for long-term storage protection.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE GUN LUBRICANT: Our universal solution can also be used on tools, auto, metal, locks, knives, bicycles, & additional home items subject to corrosion damage. The odorless spray has a temp range of -53 degrees to +430 degrees Fahrenheit.

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This Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Bio-Synthetic All-In-One (CLP) is expertly crafted using the finest base oils, additives, and most effective solvents that modern chemistry has to offer. Providing superior two-in-on cleaning and lubrication, the All-In-One (CLP) removes carbon build-up, lead deposits, oil, and grime, while penetrating deep to provide protection from rust and corrosion, all the while minimizing friction and wear from metal-to-metal contact. The All-In-One (CLP) is a great addition to your range bag to keep your firearms running smoothly.