AR15 silent recoil spring system

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The JE Silent Recoil Spring System from JE Machine Tech is our drop-in replacement for the traditional buffer spring and buffer for the AR platform. The Silent Recoil spring eliminates virtually all the friction and vibration typical of the standard buffer components resulting in a much smoother cycling rifle with none of the cheese grading sound typical of the standard buffer components.
The items includes (1) 28 coils spring>

IMPORTANT: This will only work on a .223/556

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1. Start with separating your lower and upper receiver
2. remove your standard buffer components. (Buffer and Buffer Spring)
3. Simply slide in the Silent recoil spring into the buffer tube with the Baseplate, the smaller and lighter end first. The heavier weighted side should be at the head of the buffer tube where it would contact your bolt carrier group once the rifle is re-assembled.
4. Lastly, Re-attach your upper receiver to your lower receiver.

 Note: The Silent Recoil Spring system doesn’t require the Buffer Spring Detent and it is optional for the user to remove the Detent for an even easier installation.