Our Goals

Marstar Canada envisions a tightly knit Canadian market  where we all pull together with our Gun Orgs in the interest of preserving our sport and unique culture.

We maintain a 1-888 number, not only because some customers prefer to phone in their orders, but because it allows us better responsiveness in the case of deficiencies in products or information. Additionally, it allows our customer base to get to know us on a more personal level, and provide us with direct, live feedback on how we’re doing.

We can’t do it alone. That’s why we believe in dealing closely with organizations such as the CSSA and contributing monetarily to the CCFR and the CSAAA. These organizations are composed of some of the professionals that we believe are best situated to represent us.

We believe that there aren’t enough Gunsmiths in Canada. To that end, we promote the dissemination of knowledge related to gunsmithing. We maintain a large resource library, and often write up guides and how-to’s for common problems and fixes.

We maintain an in-house, Canadian Warranty. Defects are an unfortunate reality of manufacturing, and we provide an in-house warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the products that we import.

We are in this together. A healthy market is better for the whole community.

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