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How the Firearms Community is Challenging Bad Policy

1 May 2020 saw a large change in classification for many firearm that were in circulation. We’ve seen unprecedented levels of pushback on our behalf from our different organizations and the community. Here’s whats being done.

Our community:

Record breaking engagement in Petitions, E-2574, E-2576,


Organizing a March on Parliament Hill, Saturday 12 September at 1PM EST. Additional information here

Filed a Legal Action in Federal Court to strike down the recent changes, for the following reasons

  1. The regulation is invalid, unlawful, and outside of the scope of powers the Criminal Code could have delegated to the Governor in Council.
  2. The regulation and the means by which is was created and amended is unconstitutional;
  3. The regulation and its effect breaches each of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Bill of Rights, and section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;
  4. The exercise of the regulation-making power by the Governor in Council was and is irrational, and contrary to clear fact and all available evidence; and
  5. Specifically, the firearms purported to be banned by this Order in Council are obviously suitable for hunting and sporting purposes in Canada, because that is exactly what we have been doing with them for decades.

The CCFR States that there will be other actions, you can see their full post here, along with a link for donating to help fund the fight.


Exposed the RCMP’s use of SOR/2020-96 to ban over 30 makes and models of bolt-action, pump action and semi-automatic shotguns as Prohibited firearms by making the absurd assertion they are “variants” of the AR-15.

Intentionally avoided anouncing legal action against the government.

  1. Believes the ultimate solution to the gun ban is political, not legal action
  2. Believes there will be a federal election long before the amnesty expres
  3. Believes resources are better used supporting existing legal challenges.
    1. The Ontario Landowners Association Judicial Review
    2. Cassandra Parker / K.K.S. Tactical Supplies Ltd. Judicial Review
    3. John Hipwell’s Judicial Review

Their full release is available here

CSSA Donation Page is here if you want to support them.


Published a collaborative response to the recent OIC, listing

  1. The use of an Order in Council circumvents democracy, avoids the deliberation of evidence, delivery of expert witness testimony, and a full study of the issue. There is no vote amongst legislators therefore no voice for Canadians.
  2. This measure targets the wrong demographic entirely, focusing solely on licensed firearms owners who safely and lawfully owned this property without issue previous to this OIC. The government’s primary duty is to uphold the safety of the citizens of Canada. This measure fails to address the criminal acquisition of, or illicit use of firearms.
  3. The expense of this ban is immeasurable and prohibitive, from the implementation of a buy-back program, the destruction en masse of confiscated firearms, the framework and administrative costs to implementing the program, to the devastating impact on a multi-billion dollar industry, their employees and families. Our industry has not even begun to calculate the financial damage caused by this unnecessary political measure.


Calls on the Government of Canada to compensate small business owners directly affected by the recent bans. Experts estimate industry losses at more than $900 Million. You can see their most recent press release here.

CSAAA Donation page is here if you want to support them

Ontario Landowner’s Association:

This specific Order-in-Council, signed by Justin Trudeau, has removed our democratic rights as Canadian citizens and violated Section 117.15(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code that states an Order-in-Council may only be used to ban firearms that are not “reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes”. This Order-in-Council is inconsistent with the provisions of the Criminal Code and therefore invalid.

The Ontario Landowners Association has taken a position on this Regulation. We view this as not a firearms issue specifically, but as a direct attack on the lawful ownership of Private Property. The removal of lawfully purchased Private Property without compensation and the removal of hunting and sport shooting established over hundreds of years as part of our culture and heritage.

The Ontario Landowners Association supports this legal challenge and we ask that you contribute to the legal fund that will be established to pay for the cost of this challenge.

You can find the full press release here.

The donation page for the Ontario Landowner’s Association Action is located here.

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