W. P. Marston Marksman rifle


W. P. Marston Marksman rifle

Gunsmith at 132 Yonge St. Toronto On.

Overall condition is very good

Bore is frosty but strong; no pitting

Former owner was competing with this rifle

Fitted with competition sights

Includes globe sights inserts/sight level.

A Canadian historical rifle.

Antique; No PAL required


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Engraved with ornamental designs and locations

Built from a modified model 1853 “three band” Enfield rifle

Originally built with notch and post sights

Marksman’s sights are more recent additions.

Rifle front sight is out of square with barrel

Original rear sight is missing.

Canadian War Museum has W.P. Marston rifle (completely different style) dated from 1861.

All online examples are percussion rifles, suggesting W.P Marston Co. built rifles before the breech loading era. Dating these rifles from late 1850s to 1860s.

Barrel length: 32.5 inches

Caliber: .45

Antique; No PAL required




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