Russian TT-30 Tokarev pistols


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In approx 75% typical condition, we have rare and exceedingly hard to find 1935 dated Russian TT-30 Tokarev pistols. The TT-30 was the initial production variant of the Tokarev pistol. They were only produced from 1933 to 1935, and production was not large.

The TT-30 pistol was adopted in 1930, but serial production did not start until 1933. Originally known as the TT-30, it underwent developmental changes in 1934 & 1935, resulting in the definitive design of the TT-33.

The TT-30 has a removable panel on the backstrap, which these pistols have.

As you can well imagine, after the initial German onslaught and the subsequent years of war, very few of these pistols survived. Russian TT-30s have always been hard to find, and few ever made it here to Canada after WW2 – and most that did were German captured pistols re-captured by GIs. There were so few TT-30s made and very few available in this country, that this is a rare opportunity to acquire one.

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