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XMetal Targets Classic Poppers series are a classic knockdown steel target built for training and competitive fun with a simple and ingenious design and great durability. Built for handguns up to .44 Magnum and rifles up to 3000 FPS at a minimum of 100 meters.

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The XMetal Targets Classic Poppers series of steel targets are great tools for honing you precision skills on a target that is simple in design yet extremely effective and durable. Built to the exact specs of the IPSC theses steel targets are made to be used with different handguns up to .44 Magnum. They can be used in both forward falling and backward falling setup and easily calibrated with the adjustable bolts on the release mechanism to make sure that every hit is registered. These targets are also easy to shroud to respect the mandatory shrouding rule in certain areas thanks to their pre-drilled metal base. Simply use plywood to build a box around the target to contain the splatters and ricochets and you are good to go. The AR500 steel targets themselves can easily be reversed for added durability to make sure that you get the best value for your investment. These targets are a must have for every club or competitive shooter hoping to improve their accuracy and speed.

Made of 3/8” AR500 armor steel, our Classic Popper Series is suitable for handgun ammunition up to .44 Magnum or .45 ACP at 10+ meters and rifles up to 3000 FPS at a minimum distance of 100 meters.

Popper 34.5″ – Shipping To Be Determined