Armytek 18650 Li-Ion 3400mAh. Rechargeable, protected.

– Made in Japan high-grade ICs (Seiko). They are notable for low power requirement and high reliability. It means you get more advanced device performance.
– Possibility to work even under heavy loading. You will appreciate high battery discharge rate – up to 7.5 Amperes. We use quadruple brand MOSFET’s! You can use them in various extreme situations and severe conditions. Batteries won’t let you down even if you give up.
– The best chemistry in the world – Panasonic 3400mAh (Japan). 12, 5 Wh battery.
– Triple protection against short, over-discharge, over-charge. You get the power supply, which is totally protected from any damage and enjoy its maximal performance and improved voltage stability. Certainly you won’t face battery failure.
– 304 Stainless steel plate reinforced bottom. This unique structural design provides better impact-resistance.
– Safety vent with thermal cut-off protection. You get reliable protection of your device from overheating.

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