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M-77B 'Chinese Military' [M-77B]

The Norinco M-77B is a variant of the Type 77 pistol issued to the Chinese military and police. The M-77B is built for export and has been chambered in the commonly available 9x19mm cartridge rather than the Chinese issue 7.62x17mm Type 64 round (the latter is unavailable outside China). Slightly larger and more robust than its predecessor, the M-77B is a strong contender in the 'value-priced pistol' class due to its forged steel construction and rugged delayed blowback action.

The Norinco M-77B is loaded with features in spite of its comparatively low price: featuring forged frame and slide, striker-fired delayed blowback action, magazine safety, striker (firing pin) block, chrome-lined barrel, and adjustable three dot sights, this handgun is definitely anything but basic. There is even an interesting trigger guard mounted slide cocking device which permits the pistol's action to be cocked with the shooter's index finger (note this becomes easier to do after the M-77B has been 'broken in' with a few boxes of ammunition).

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Restricted Weapon127mm9x19mm9 rdsBlued

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