Mag Pouch

 Prod. CodeNamePriceAvail.
AK74-101AK-74 Magazine Pouch$19.95In Stock
BRN-195British Bren Pouch$20.00In Stock
C7-PCH-001Canadian Military C7/M16/AR Nylon mag pouch: Holds 2x (30rd mags)$9.95In Stock
CIA-158Canadian C2 Mag "Bra"$30.00In Stock
CIA-166British L1A1 Magazine PouchPrice To Be DeterminedSold Out
M44-100-bMP-44 PouchPrice To Be DeterminedSold Out
M49-100Yugoslav M-49 SMG Canvas Magazine Pouch$12.95In Stock
MAU-006Yugo Mauser Ammo Pouch (Set) 2 Pocket Picture not exactly as shown.$8.00In Stock
MAU-007Yugo Mauser Ammo Pouch (Set) 3 Pocket Picture not exactly as shown.$9.00In Stock
 MIS-074Soviet DP/DPM LMG Mag Carrier.$20.00In Stock
MIS-075Yugo SMG Pouch (holds 4 mags), Leather.$25.00In Stock
MIS-078Bren Mag Pouch$15.00In Stock
MIS-081Soviet PPSH Drum Mag Pouch.$20.00In Stock
MIS-089AK-47 Mag Pouch Set (East German).Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
MIS-215Yugo AK Pouch (holds 4 mags) w. Strap.$19.95In Stock
MIS-228Yugo "Y" Harness for Mag Pouches, Leather.Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
MIS-350DP-26/DP-28 LMG Drum Magazine PouchPrice To Be DeterminedSold Out
MIS-563Yugoslav M76 Sniper Rifle Magazine/tool pouch$15.00In Stock
PCH-022MP-38u40 Brown Leather Magazine Pouch (Set)$55.00In Stock
PCH-023MP-38u40 Brown Leather Magazine Pouch (Right Side)Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
SKS-PCH-001Yugo SKS Ammo Pouch, 2 Pocket for M59 & M59/66 (holds two striper clips).Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
WCL-096PPS 43 Magazine Pouch$25.00In Stock
WCL-189Original Military WW-11 Thompson mag pouch$35.00In Stock
WEB-102Canvas British Mag Pouch$12.00In Stock