Military Surplus

 Prod. CodeNameBrandCaliberCaseP-TypeP-WtPrimerQuantityPriceAvail.
ASC25A3-Can7.62 x 25 Ball Ammunition (Can)Russian7.62x25TTSteelFMJ Ball85grs.Berdan1,260$299.00
$.24 ea.
In Stock
ASC25A47.62 x 25 Ball Ammunition (Free Shipping to most destinations)Russian7.62x25TTSteelFMJ Ball85grs.Berdan2,520$535.00
$.21 ea.
In Stock
ASC39C3-Can7.62x39mm (Ammo) (Can)Chinese Military7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan720$205.00
$.28 ea.
In Stock
ASC39C47.62x39mm (Ammo) Free Shipping to most destinationsChinese Military7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan1,440$369.00
$.26 ea.
In Stock
ASC39D4Bulgarian 7.62x39 (Ammo)Bulgarian7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan1,320Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
ASC51C47.62x51 Nato (.308 Win) AMMUNITION (Nato spec ammunition) Free Shipping to most destinationsHirtenberger Of Austria7.62x51 Nato (.308 Win)BrassBi-Metal, lead core (FMJ).Boxer720$599.00
$.83 ea.
In Stock
ASC54D17.62x54R (Ammo)Chinese Military7.62x54RCopper WashFMJ Ball148grsBerdan880$345.00
$.39 ea.
In Stock
ASC54D2-Can7.62x54R (Ammo) (Can)Chinese Military7.62x54RCopper WashFMJ Ball148grsBerdan440Price To Be DeterminedSold Out
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