Military Surplus

*Up to a value of $50*
*Some destination exceptions may apply*

Marstar Canada carries large quantities of military surplus ammunition for both pistols and rifles. We buy and import our 'milsurp ammo' in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Value conscious competitors, collectors, and outdoorsmen often take advantage of the cost savings of buying surplus ammo: it makes an excellent low cost alternative for target practise and plinking.

Fax or Email copy of P.A.L. (Front & Back) with your order.

Military surplus ammunition is available only by the case.

Ammo delivery is contingent on shipping availability.

NOTICE: Ammunition and Tannerite is shipped ONLY by UPS or Canpar. These companies do not ship to PO Boxes. If ordering, be sure to include a residential address, work address or closest depot.
We will require your PAL matching address as well as your shipping address as stated above to process your order.
 Prod. CodeNameBrandCaliberCaseP-TypeP-WtPrimerQuantityPriceAvail.
ASC25A37.62 x 25 Ball Ammunition (Can)Sellier & Bellot7.62x25TTSteelFMJ Ball85grs.Berdan1,260$299.00
$.24 ea.
In Stock
ASC25A47.62 x 25 Ball AmmunitionSellier & Bellot7.62x25TTSteelFMJ Ball85grs.Berdan2,520$535.00
$.21 ea.
In Stock
ASC39C37.62x39mm (Ammo) (Can)Chinese Military7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan720$205.00
$.28 ea.
In Stock
ASC39C47.62x39mm (Ammo)Chinese Military7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan1,440$399.00
$.28 ea.
In Stock
ASC39D4Bulgarian 7.62x39 (Ammo)Bulgarian7.62x39mmSteelFMJ Steel Core127grs.Berdan1,320$355.00
$.27 ea.
In Stock
ASC51C47.62x51 Nato (.308 Win) AMMUNITION (Nato spec ammunition)Hirtenberger Of Austria7.62x51 Nato (.308 Win)BrassBi-Metal, lead core (FMJ).Boxer720$599.00
$.83 ea.
In Stock
ASC54D17.62x54R (Ammo)Chinese MIlitary7.62x54RCopper WashFMJ Ball148grsBerdan880$345.00
$.39 ea.
In Stock
ASC54D27.62x54R (Ammo) (Can)Chinese Military7.62x54RCopper WashFMJ Ball148grsBerdan440$175.00
$.40 ea.
In Stock
We do not sell individual cartridges: please refer to 'Quantity' for number of cartridges per 'package price' quoted.